Download and start jBixbe

jBixbe is available for Windows (32 bit) and Linux (32/64 bit) operating systems.

Go to download page and download the jbixbe.jar file. It will run on Windows and Linux. For Windows jBixbe is additionally available as jbixbe.exe.

After downloading simply start the jbixbe.jar or jbixbe.exe for example by a double click on it under Windows or using a shell by typing java -jar jbixbe.jar. A separate installation or any further steps are not necessary.

On first start a dialog containing the License Agreement will appear. You must indicate your acceptance by making a hook into the accept check box of the dialog and by pressing the Close button. If there is at least one term in the License Agreement you disagree leave out the hook at the check box and press the Close button so jBixbe will terminate.