Latest news:

January 5, 2007:
Version 1.1 released.

September 12, 2006:
Final version available.

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J. Bixbe


jBixbe provides a new quality of debugging complex Java applications by showing their structure and functioning on the conceptual level of the UML.


- Java
- ds-emedia


jBixbe comes with a Free Trial License that limits the time of a debug session to six minutes. If you want to have no time-restricted debugging you must purchase a Personal or Company License. jBixbe 1.x is subject to the License Agreement. Please read the system requirements and release notes before downloading jBixbe.

File Version Size Description
jbixbe.jar 1.1 2,1 MByte Platform independent jar file
jbixbe.exe 1.1 2,2 MByte Windows Executable, no installation required

You can also start jBixbe directly by using Java Web Start (javaws). Be sure your browser supports Java Web Start.

For desktop shortcuts you can use our icons.

Your feedback to jBixbe is welcome. It would be nice, if you made any improvements suggestions, bug reports or simply write whatever you think about jBixbe. It will help us to improve the debugger. Please use our forum.

System requirements

jBixbe requires J2SE(TM) Runtime Environment 5.0 (JRE1.5).

jBixbe is nearly written in Java. Nearly means there are a few operating system specific native libraries loaded into the Java Virtual Machine. These libraries are available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

At the moment 64-bit support is only available for Linux. If you want to run jBixbe under Windows 64-bit please use a 32-bit JRE.

jBixbe was tested under different Windows operating systems (Win98, Win2000, WinXP) and under different Linux distributions (SuSE, Debian, Gentoo) but should run at any Windows/Linux operating system where the required Java Virtual Machine runs.

You should have at least a 700 MHz processor with at least 256 MB memory.


Use context-menu and choose Save Image As... to download icons.

Icon 16x16 Icon 32x32 Icon 48x48
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